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Where you should be failing Madison Anaya Blog

Before starting a podcast, throwing women’s conferences, and taking the leap of faith to start my own business I created a blog. My little space on the internet to serve women was called Marriage As We Know It. Have you ever heard of it? Probably not.

The blog was started as a way to share in real-time what it was like to be a newlywed. I shared recipes, date ideas, and life advice I thought at the time was valuable for other honeymooners to thrive in their new season of life.

After several life events in a row, I realized that talking about the joys of being a newlywed didn’t align with the real-life situations we were dealing with. Our home flooding in Hurricane Harvey, my mother-in-law getting cancer, and my parents getting divorced. Like clockwork. Every three months something else surfaced that pushed my ideas and dreams for this little blog to the side. Eventually, they were pushed straight off the edge to crash and burn.

Here’s where I see so many people miss the mark.

Just like you, I was born with a gift. Mine may look a little different than yours and that’s okay too. The gift I was born with looks a lot like communicating and connecting women to help them step into who they were created to be. While my first attempt to do this was a failure, I didn’t decide to just bury it because it didn’t go to plan.

We’ve got a lot of fears that hold us back, but failure usually tops the list. It’s hard to put your passions into action because trying to recover after watching them crash is rough. If we go all-in with everything we have we still might fail. And that failure is likely to be seen by others. We’ll feel embarrassed to know that others have seen just how “not enough” we are, even at our best. Have you ever thought about where you should be failing?

One of my favorite authors, Bob Goff, wrote

“We can’t win the game from the bleachers. We’ll never succeed unless we get out on the field and go for it. Whether it’s starting a business, putting music to your poems, or braving rejection from the girl that makes you lose your words, you won’t get the gold if you’re too scared to work the mine. God created you with unique gifts and ignited the passions He put in your heart for a reason – don’t let fear steal your opportunities and leave you on the sidelines wishing you’d tried. Do what you were created to do. Is it possible it won’t work? You bet. Fail trying, don’t fail watching.”

Bob Goff

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