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Why Being Outside Can Help You Reach Your Biggest Goals

I think most people can agree that being in nature can be inspiring and grounding. I wanted to know why being outside can help you reach your biggest goals.

A big thing I hear that fellow creatives struggle with is hitting a wall before being inspired. As small as accomplishing daily tasks or even going after big dreams, we’re lacking the inspiration to motivate us.

I know there are so many different ways people can be motivated. I personally believe that you can’t wait for motivation to just hit you. You’re not going to want to do “the thing” 90% of the time, but in order to hit those goals and dreams we have, we need to do them.

In this episode I’m sitting down with Jaime Fenwick the founder of Bringing Inspiration Home, which offers women opportunities to pursue beauty, adventure, and purpose in their home, career, and creative pursuits to talk about simple approach to how to continually stayed inspired.

Jaime unpacks why being outside can help you reach your biggest goals and what can happen for you and the ability to reach your biggest dreams when you can get outside and walk in nature.

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