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You Were Made for More

I recently had the honor of getting to meet Rachel Hollis at her book tour for her latest book coming out called Girl Wash Your Face. (Side note: This book changed my life and you absolutely need it in your life!) The night was incredible and everything I dreamed of. She gave everyone a pin to stick to their shirt that said “Made for More.” That one little button was handed to me before I had the chance to speak to her. That little button-in the midst of trying to navigate a store filled with one hundred plus women- had my head going a thousand thoughts a minute.

I was lucky to have a tribe growing up that told me that I could do anything I put my mind to. When I was younger I truly believed it. Somewhere along the way I started to believe it a little less. This of course was never something I could admit out loud, so instead I would just aim a little lower. For most people, I guess where I was aiming seemed normal, but I wanted more. I didn’t want a corporate 9-5, I wanted dreams much larger. Dreams and aspirations that brought butterflies to my stomach when even thinking about admitting them out loud.

I slowly started to chase this dream of being a writer in June 2017.

I used excuse after excuse of reasons I couldn’t give it my all. Until January. In January I was able to move back into my house after Hurricane Harvey hit in August. In January I didn’t have anymore excuses. I chose the first week to give it my all and made a commitment to myself that I wouldn’t stop. I would put my goals first.

Then BAMB, something hard came up. I was bit by a dog and had to spend some money at the urgent care. After being home for a solid ten minutes our washing machine broke for the millionth time. Reasons that would have in the past, given me an excuse to not put effort into my dream. I reminded myself that I would not give up this time. It didn’t matter that it hurt like hell to type, I was going to give it my all.

The following weekend my dedication was put to the test.

My parents informed me that they were getting a divorce. My world felt incredibly broken and lost. The post that I had assigned weeks in advance to be posted that very next day was “The Secret to an Amazing Marriage.” It didn’t seem fit to post anymore. I wanted to use this as an excuse to give myself another break from chasing my dreams but instead I decided to write something else because after all, this time I was not quitting.

Four days later I was on my way to Dallas for the book tour. I was so nervous about getting to meet Rachel. It was something I had rehearsed over and over in my head. Months before getting this opportunity, I had sent her a Facebook message telling her how appreciative I was of her and my dream was to one day speak at her annual conference RISE. She didn’t respond. I felt somewhat embarrassed that I had shared such a huge dream of mine with one of my heroes and she had said nothing. Obviously, I realize that she gets five trillion messages a day but somehow I still felt bummed.

I was made for more.

When we walked into the boutique where the tour was held, we were handed the simple pin I told you about earlier. “Made for More.” I was made for more. More than just to be the girl who simply said hello and thanked her favorite author for signing her book. I was made for more than just a broken-heart story with no spectacular come-back. I was made for more.

 Girl Wash Your Face

My moment arrived and she smiled and said “Hi!” I fan-girled way too much to appear even slightly cool. Before I had a chance to second guess it, I thought about that pin and told her “one of my biggest goals is to speak at rise.” I am so beyond grateful I took the opportunity. That I believed I was made for more. She screamed, “Yes! I love that” and shared with me what her goal platforms were.

I can’t wait to have this be my opening story when I speak at Rise one day. There are people who accept their reality and then there are people who create it. You were made for more. What is your more?

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